Successful businesses are based on effective training, great mentorship, and the right mindset. We’ve cut out the fluff, the bells and whistles so we can purely focus on what matters.

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What do we have to offer?

It’s the right combination of tools, skills, and training. We seek to give you the best financial bottom line than any other company. You get the support you need at a simple, affordable rate and keep more of your commission. It’s like getting a raise with extra benefits.

This allows for career flexibility and greater financial freedom!

Our mission is not complete without being able to give back to the community that we are part of. Every year we choose local organizations, that represent important causes in our community, as recipients for annual donations. This is just one way that we can contribute to a better world.


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"I have had the pleasure of working with Kristin Bushnell, in her capacity as the managing broker for RE/MAX Pacific Realty. Kristin was the driving force of why I decided to join the brokerage. Her in depth understanding, and working knowledge of real estate law proved to be invaluable. Not only is Kristin smart she is creative in her approach when solving problems. Kristin made it a priority to provide ongoing educational opportunities for her brokers. She understands the importance of a well trained agent. Kristin is easy to work with, thinks outside the box, and effectively communicates her ideas. Kristin was a true game changer in helping the office identify and establish systems that proved to be highly effective and efficient. Most importantly, Kristin always made herself accessible and available to her agents. Given my personal experience Kristin has my highest endorsement."

Heidi Syltebo-Kearney, BROKER


"I am grateful for all of your support. Your guidance and wisdom have helped me through many, many transactions."

Junli Liu, BROKER


"Kristin, Thank you so much for everything. You have been helpful, and quick to react my phone calls, emails and texts (even on holidays!). You are ready to assist any time I needed your help. You have provided consistent support and have dedicated considerable effort to developing the skills of all your agents. You have helped me with everything from learning to write a contract to learning different market strategies. You have displayed excellent communication and listening skills. You have provided me clear direction. Overall, I've observed that you influence others to perform better. Kristin, are you are by far the best managing broker I've ever had."

Rolan Elaezar, BROKER